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Which Colocation Provider to Choose?

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What is Colocation?

Colocation is a service consisting in the fact that the provider places the client equipment on its territory (usually in the data center), connects it to electricity, provides maintenance and connection to high-bandwidth communication channels.

This arrangement allows you to save on the organization of the communication channel from the provider to the client. Most often, servers are targeted for colocation, designed to maintain websites and other network services with a large amount of traffic, as well as equipment that requires reliable access from many points, for example, VPN hubs, IP telephony gateways.

Usually the composition of this service in addition to the actual location of equipment and connection to the communication channel also includes:

  • organization of remote access to equipment (KVM, remote access);
  • redundant power supply;
  • maintenance of a climatic mode;
  • physical security;
  • the simplest services for equipment maintenance (reboot, insert a disk, etc.);
  • monitoring.

Other related services (for example, data backup) are usually provided by the operator for a fee.

Some tend to classify the colocation as a subspecies hosting, while others consider it an independent service.